Diwali Chocolate Firecrackers

Let's make Diwali fun!

DIY Diwali Chocolate Firecrackers! These were a hit at the impromptu Diwali bash this year at the iDev Residence.  View the video here.

We displayed with the centerpiece. This year the theme was ecofriendly Diwali.

The chocolates were given in the favor bags with other assorted treats also.

We made chakli, kothi, tada tadi and rockets. This post explains how to make chocolate chaklis!

I used an Almond Bark and cut it into pieces. Place a glass bowl over boiling water and melt the chocolate. Add some instant coffee. I used Nescafe, and mix.

Divide the melted chocolate into 3 bowls.

Chop pistachios, almonds, and cashews (or any dry fruits of your choice). Add the nuts into the bowls. I added one type of nut per bowl. Mix well.

Use chocolate moulds and fill them with the desired chocolate.

For tada tadi, I added a spoon of peanut butter to each of the moulds.

For rockets, I added butterscotch chips to the grey trays and topped it with melted chocolate.

For chaklis, I melted butterscotch chips over the double boiler. Spooned a tablespoon of butterscotch mixture over the chocolate mixture in the mould.

For kothis, I mixed the three chocolate nut mixtures and put them into the cones.

Use the toothpick to swivel to make it fancy!

Chill in the freezer for 10 minutes.

Remove it from the freezer, wrap it individually in a plastic wrap.

Next, foil wrap it. You can use assorted foil colors.

Print out images of firecrackers from google. Cut it, and glue it using a glue dot on individual chocolate.


Click here to see the recipe video.

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